Feeding Essentials Bundle

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Get everything you need to keep your kiddo happy and healthy with our Feeding Essentials Bundle. Includes the award-winning Quook all-in-one baby food maker, a 5-piece Feedi silicone dining set, Fruuti fresh food pacifier, Storii cooling containers and a Chiill silicone freezer tray.

Included in the Bundle:

  • Quook Baby Food Maker
  • Feedi Silicone Dining Set
  • Fruuti Baby Fruit Feeder
  • Storii Food Storage Containers
  • Chiill Food Chiller
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Designed to simplify and enrich the process of preparing, warming and serving your baby's meals and snacks.

Effortless Meal Prep: Transform baby food preparation into a simple, enjoyable process. The Quook Baby Food Maker offers a streamlined approach to cooking, blending, and warming baby food, ensuring nutritious meals are ready in no time. Perfect for busy parents who value convenience and health.


Safe and Engaging Feeding: The bundle's Feedi Silicone Dining Set and Fruuti Baby Fruit Feeder make mealtimes both fun and safe. These tools encourage self-feeding while minimizing mess, ensuring a delightful and tidy dining experience for your little one.

Optimal Storage Solution: Keep your baby's meals fresh and ready whenever needed. The Storii Cooling Food Storage Containers, with their innovative clip-in ice pack, ensure food stays cool and fresh, perfect for on-the-go situations. Meanwhile, the Chiill Silicone Freezer Tray excels in storing and freezing baby food in ideal portions, offering both convenience and practicality in food management.



Steam Cook | Auto + Pulse Blend | Chop | Bottle Warming | Sterilization | Auto-Clean


11" H x 6"W x 13"D (28cm x 15cm x 33cm)


Blending Cup: Tritan
Steaming Basket: Food Grade Polypropylene
Blade: 316 Stainless Steel
Water Reservoir: 316 Stainless Steel
Exterior Housing: Shock-Resistant ABS
Gaskets + Seals: Platinum-Cured LSR Silicone

Feedi, Fruuti, Storii & Chiill



150ml | 5oz

7x 40ml | 7x 1.4oz




Suction Grip Plate | Suction Grip Bowl | Catch Pocket Bib | Gum-Friendly Utensil Set
1x Small | 2x Large




100% Platinum-Cured Silicone
Platinum-Cured LSR Silicone, Food Grade Polypropylene
Food Grade Polypropylene, Platinum-Cured LSR Silicone
Platinum-Cured LSR Silicone


All products are free from

Bisphenols (BPA, BPS, BPF, BPAF), ortho-phthalates (DHCA, DHCP), PVC, lead, latex and other toxins.

Efficient Food Prep

The Quook Baby Food Maker revolutionizes meal preparation, offering streamlined cooking, blending, and reheating, reducing the need for other appliances and keeping your kitchen counter clear.

Safe & Interactive Feeding

The Feedi Silicone Dining Set ensures safe, mess-free meals, and the Fruuti Baby Fruit Feeder allows for safe, enjoyable exploration of new flavours, enhancing the feeding experience for babies.

Smart Storage Solutions

The Storii Cooling Food Storage Containers, with their innovative clip-in ice pack, keep baby food fresh for hours, offering practical, space-saving solutions for busy parents.

Do more with less.

We designed the Quook to do as many things as humanly possible so you can save space and spend less money on baby stuff.

Cook + Steam

Lock in moisture and nutrients with the power of steam, for healthier baby food

Blend + Chop

Blend to perfection automatically, or control your consistency with manual pulse

Warm Bottles

Safely and evenly warm breast milk and formula, no need for another appliance


Sterilize bottle nipples, breast pump parts, teethers, toys and more


Save time, space and money while taking control of your child's nutrition.


Appliances in one

Saves you space by replacing up to 4 countertop appliances including a steam cooker, blender, bottle warmer, and steam sterilizer


Baby-safe construction

Quook is made from the highest quality materials, and all components are free from bisphenols (BPA, BPS, BPF, BPAF) and ortho-phthalates (DHCA, DHCP)


Here's a list of the most common questions we get about products in the Feeding Bundle. Need something else? Click the button below to visit the support center.

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