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Baby Food Recipes You’ll Love: Homemade Recipedia
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Baby Food Recipes You’ll Love: Homemade Recipedia

There are many reasons you should make your baby food when your baby comes of age. Homemade baby food is tastier and more nutritious, and you have better control of the ingredients. Yet, it is diff...

RecipesChicken, Potato & Carrot Purée

Chicken, Potato & Carrot Purée

This purée take on a home cooked classic is a great way to give your little one a taste of down home cooking. Spice things up with your favourite savoury herbs and you’ve got yourself a r...

RecipesStrawberry, salmon & leek purée

Strawberry, salmon & leek purée

This sweet and savoury purée recipe is rich in omega 3 fatty-acids and antioxidants thanks to its primary ingredients, salmon & strawberries. Watch below to see how easily the Quook baby food p...

RecipesSpinach, avocado & mint easy greens

Spinach, avocado & mint easy greens

Thanks to the superfood spinach and the power of the avocado, this green purée is nutrient-rich, packed with health fats and suitable for first weaning. The Quook baby food processor handles this ...

RecipesParsnip + pea purée

Parsnip + pea purée

Parsnip offers a sweet taste with a hint of spice, rounded out with some additional mild sweetness from every babies favourite teething snack, frozen peas. The Quook baby food processor handles thi...

RecipesBroccoli & sweet potato purée

Broccoli & sweet potato purée

This recipe is a downright classic, a tasty way to explore tastes and textures for the first time. Add a dash of baby’s usual milk and you’ve got yourself a true home cooked comfort food for your l...

RecipesStrawberry, banana and apple purée

Strawberry, banana and apple purée

What better way to introduce your little one to the sweet wonders of coveted strawberry + banana combo. Add some ice and you’ve got yourself a delicious, healthy and filling teething smoothie. Make...