The Lab

Nothing is more important to us than our uncompromising commitment to the safety of your kids. That's why we created the lab, a transparent online portal where you can access information about our products, like test results from third-party laboratories, studies, and other compliance documentation.

Making this information accessible is an essential part of our baby-safe guarantee. When you choose to use Quark products on your parenting journey, you can feel confident knowing you're choosing safe, high-quality products for your family.

Material selection

The bottle itself is made from the highest quality formulation of Tritan® available, specifically engineered for infant feeding applications. We selected this material for its glass-like attributes, as well as its enhanced health and safety characteristics.

The bottles are extremely durable, featuring exceptional clarity and temperature resistance. But more importantly, they're safe. They're made without the use of bisphenols like BPA or other chemical analogs like BPS and BPF. They're free of phthalate plasticizers, they don't degrade or release dietary microplastics, and they're entirely free of estrogenic and androgenic activity.

Factory partners

We spent many months assessing factories all across the globe before deciding which we would work with. Only a few were able to meet our high standards of quality, but in the end our primary factory partner was selected due to their level of expertise, craftsmanship, and attention to detail.

All products in the BuubiBottle Hybrid Feeding Bottle collection are proudly manufactured in Seoul, South Korea by an incredible team of men and women dedicated to the same uncompromising standards of safety and quality as Quark®.

Quality control

Our quality assurance and control processes are among the most scrutinous in the industry, designed to ensure that every parent gets the best for their baby.

In addition to standard batch testing practices, each bottle and accessory passes through the hands of a skilled worker and is inspected for blemishes and defects as well as overall fit and finish before being carefully packed.

Testing & compliance

Each component is individually tested for safety and compliance by SGS, the world's leader in laboratory testing, inspection and certification.

They help ensure the products that leave our facilities exceed the standard of compliance for every market in which we operate, and provide an unparalleled level of trust and professionalism. We are proud to offer the results of their work to parents as part of our ongoing commitment to safety and transparency.