Quark Baby to Exhibit at The Baby Show in Vancouver

Quark Baby to Exhibit at The Baby Show in Vancouver

The Baby Show Vancouver to occur this October at Canada Place – Quark Baby’s sixth trade event this year.

Quark Baby Ltd (“Quark”), Canada’s leader in baby and e-commerce, will take part in The Baby Show in Vancouver BC, October 28-29th.  For the first time in Canada, Quark will demo their new line of hybrid feeding bottles specifically designed for infant feeding, under the BuubiBottle franchise.

“We've created the best bottles for breastfed babies. Made from a revolutionary material created specifically for infant feeding, our new line of BuubiBottle Hybrid Feeding Bottles feature the clarity and safety of glass but are lightweight and durable with no risk of cracking or breakage” said Garett Senez, Founder and CEO, Quark Baby Ltd.  “Vancouver is our home market and remains a fundamental pillar of our long-term strategy – we are glad to be back at The Baby Show to showcase our new line of 25 SKUs”.

Earlier this year, Quark exhibited at the Kind and Jugend Trade Expo in Cologne Germany, where they were met with widespread international acclaim and acceptance.  The company is currently evaluating partnerships in over 20 countries internationally, and continues to highlight the Quook 5-in-1 Baby Food Maker which won Best for Baby 2023 by Parents Magazine and their BuubiBottle Smart Portable Milk Warmer which was recently awarded by 2023 Happy Kid Awards by PureWow 

Kicking off its commercial debut with strategic retail partnerships, the Canadian company is slated to grow its commercial presence across North America and is now looking internationally.  The company expects to expand its product assortment in the baby category with additional technology-driven innovations launching in 2024.

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