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BuubiBottle Hybrid Feeding System: Babylist's Pick for Most Innovative Baby Bottle

BuubiBottle Hybrid Feeding System: Babylist's Pick for Most Innovative Baby Bottle


We are honored to be recognized by Babylist as one of the best baby bottles on the market. Our innovative BuubiBottle Hybrid Feeding System is designed to simplify feeding for parents while providing a safe and natural feeding experience for babies. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in baby care products.

Excerpt from Babylist's "Best Baby Bottles" Article

"Quark is another new addition to this year’s best-of bottles list. I personally tested the bundle and sent it to an IBCLC friend to try with her new baby, and immediately after trying it, I knew it deserved a spot in our guide. The bottle system is inventive, beautifully designed and—most importantly—makes feeding your baby a little easier.

The most innovative thing about Quark bottles—and likely the first thing you’ll notice—is the material. Made from an engineered plastic called Tritan, the material is lightweight, resists cracking and breaking and is extremely durable. It doesn’t leach harmful chemicals. And it’s also crystal clear; if you looked but didn’t touch, you’d think it was glass. (I’ve been using mine for months and it’s still as clear as the day I took it out of the box.)

The nipple is another exceptional feature. The gentle slope—the nipple shape lactation experts recommend—was the first thing my IBCLC friend, Rebekah, noticed when she saw the bottle. It flexes like the real thing and has two texture zones to replicate the nipple and areola. It was also one of only two bottles her newborn would take. “This baby has thrown me for a loop and refused all pacis from birth, so I was curious how bottles would go,” she said. “I tried a bunch, and Quark and Dr. Brown’s with the preemie nipple were the only two she took well. She got a great latch.”

Quark bottles will stick around longer than your average baby bottle. Just pop off the nipple and add the straw top insert instead (the conversion set comes with this bundle) to use the bottle as a straw cup for years."

Unparalleled Material Quality

One of the standout features of our bottles is the material from which they are made. We utilize Tritan™, an engineered material known for its superior durability and safety. Tritan™ is lightweight, resistant to cracking and breaking, and does not leach harmful chemicals. Its crystal-clear appearance mimics glass, ensuring that the bottles remain pristine and transparent even after months of use.

Durability and Safety

Parents can rest assured knowing that BuubiBottle baby bottles are made from a material that prioritizes the safety and health of their babies. Tritan™ is BPA-free, ensuring that no harmful chemicals are present in the bottle. The robust construction of the bottle also ensures that it withstands the daily rigors of feeding and handling, making it a reliable choice for parents everywhere.

Crystal Clarity

The aesthetic appeal of our bottles is matched by their functionality. The crystal-clear appearance of Tritan™ allows parents to monitor the contents of the bottle easily. This clarity remains intact over time, providing a bottle that looks as good as new with every use.

Innovative Nipple Design

The design of our RealFeel bottle nipple is another feature that sets us apart. The gentle sloping shape is recommended by lactation experts for its ability to replicate the natural breast, ensuring a seamless transition between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding, which is crucial for both the baby and the mother.

Realistic Feel and Function

Our nipples are designed with two texture zones to mimic the nipple and areola, providing a familiar feel for babies. The flexibility of the nipple encourages a proper latch, reducing the risk of nipple confusion and making feeding more comfortable for babies. This design has been praised by lactation consultants and parents alike for its effectiveness in promoting successful feeding sessions.

Versatility in Feeding

BuubiBottle Hybrid Feeding Bottles are designed to grow with your child. The bottle can easily transition from a feeding bottle to a straw cup by simply swapping the nipple for the straw top insert, which is included in our SipKit conversion set. This feature ensures that the bottle remains useful well beyond the infant stage, providing value and convenience for parents.

Real Parent Reviews

Our commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in the feedback we receive from real parents. Here's one of the reviews from the Babylist artice that highlights the exceptional features of our BuubiBottle Hybrid Feeding Bundle:

"These bottles are beautiful in their design and functionality. The top snaps on easily and tightly. It won’t come off unless you intentionally take it off, and in that case it comes off easily and quickly. The size and shape of these bottles make it perfect for an older baby or toddler to hold. The most important thing—the nipple—is shaped as nature intended with good pliability. The various sizes of nipples included are such a great idea and just one of the many details about this brand that shows they really have an outstanding product. A major feature of this bottle is that it is made with Tritan…It’s as clear as a crystal, exceptionally durable, shatterproof, and lighter than glass." — Everly M.


The BuubiBottle Hybrid Feeding System is more than just a baby bottle system; it is a comprehensive solution designed to make feeding easier and more natural for both parents and babies. Our use of Tritan™ ensures durability and safety, while our innovative nipple design promotes a seamless transition between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. Recognized by Babylist and praised by parents, Quark baby bottles are a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation.

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