BuubiBottle Mini Hybrid Feeding Bottle

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We've created the best bottles for breastfed babies. Made from a revolutionary material created specifically for infant feeding, BuubiBottle Mini features the clarity and safety of glass but is lightweight and durable with no risk of cracking or breakage. With its compact size, BuubiBottle Mini is perfect for on-the-go feeding, easily fitting into your purse or diaper bag.

  • 150ml | 5oz
  • Anti-colic nipple
  • Wide neck design
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Safe for all methods of sterilization
Pack Size: 1 Pack

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Designed to make switching between breast and bottle as easy as pie.

RealFeel bottle nipples provide a seamless feeding experience for your baby, no matter how they nurse. Carefully engineered with different texture zones and thicknesses to emulate the feel of a breast, they feature an anti-collapse design and a flexible tip that reacts naturally to your baby's technique.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of their health and development, and every feeding journey is different. We understand that, as a parent, you want the best for your child, and that's why we put so much effort into making the best, most flexible bottle-feeding system available.


160ml | 5oz

Flow Rate

Slow flow | 0 months+ (included)


11"H x 6"W x 13"D (28cm x 15cm x 33cm)


Bottle: Tritan EX501
Nipple: Platinum Cured LSR Silicone
Cap + Collar: Food Grade Polypropylene

Free from

BPA, BPS, PVC, phthalates, microplastics, estrogenic activity, lead, latex, other toxins

What's in the box?

Tritan Bottle

Secure Cap

Standard Collar

Slow Flow Nipple

The perfect latch

RealFeel nipples are precision engineered to match baby's oral anatomy, flexing and reacting like a real breast for a perfect latch every time.

Over 95% acceptance rate

In an independent study, over 95% of babies accepted RealFeel nipples immediately thanks to our unique, breast-like design and material composition.

Feels just like mom

RealFeel nipples feature two distinct texture zones for the lips and tongue, anatomically accurate curvature, and variable thickness from tip to base, promoting baby's natural technique.

We hate cleaning.

That's why BuubiBottle Mini features a wide mouth opening, and no extra valves, stems, rings, or other random parts to clean.

The safest plastic ever made

Specially designed for infant care, 100% baby-safe Tritan® features the clarity and safety of glass

Zero Bisphenols

All components are made without the use of bisphenols, including BPA or other chemical analogs like BPS, BPF, and BPAF

Zero Phthalates

Our bottles are free from ortho-phthalate plasticizers, often called 'phthalates,' including DHCA and DHCP

Zero Microplastics

Tritan is the safest plastic available and does not degrade or otherwise release dietary microplastics like other bottles

Zero Estrogenic Activity

Third-party accredited lab test show that our bottles are entirely free from estrogenic and androgenic activity


The most breast-like nipple ever imagined.

No, really. Just ask your baby.

Anti-colic valve

Reduces colic and fussiness by allowing air into the bottle to prevent vacuum build up and vents it towards the back of the bottle

Dual zone texture

A smooth tip and soft, textured base mimic the transition between the nipple and the breast

Structural ridges

Structural ridges line the interior surfaces of the nipple to eliminate collapse for uninterrupted feeding

Variable thickness

The walls of the nipple are tapered, with a thin, flexible tip and thick, soft base, providing ideal compression and promoting baby's natural technique

Anatomically accurate curvature

RealFeel nipples are precision engineered for anatomical accuracy to increase acceptance rates and minimize nipple confusion for combination feeders


Acceptance rate

RealFeel nipples are specially designed to emulate the firmness and texture of a real breast. With two distinct, separate finishes for the tongue and lips, over 95% of babies accept the nipple immediately.


Available flow rates

RealFeel nipples come in 4 flow rates to suit any age, developmental stage, or preference. Available in Slow flow (0+ months), Medium flow (3+ months), Fast flow (6,+ months), and Flex flow (9+ months)

Choose your flow

0M+ | Slow Flow

Designed for use from birth and included with every BuubiBottle

3M+ | Medium Flow

When your baby starts taking longer to feed, size up to medium flow

6M+ | Fast Flow

The first step toward allowing baby to control the flow of milk

9M+ | Flex Flow

Baby naturally controls the flow with our fastest-flowing nipple

Your baby deserves the best

BuubiBottle Hybrid Feeding Bottles are offered with an industry first baby-safe guarantee, offering access to all testing and certification documents from internationally recognized third-party laboratories.


Here's a list of the most common questions we get about the BuubiBottle Hybrid Feeding system. Need something else? Click the button below to visit the support center.

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