Fruuti Baby Fruit Feeder

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Introducing solid foods and soothing your baby can be done simultaneously with Fruuti.

Fruuti is an innovative, intelligently designed baby fruit feeder that is more sanitary and easier to clean. Rotary propulsion technology propels food through the silicone tip with a simple twist of the base so your little one can eat more and waste less.

  • Twist to eject design
  • Safely introduce new foods
  • Includes three extra-thick silicone tips
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Getting your baby to eat new foods isn’t rocket science, it just looks like it.

Fruuti is a revolutionary fruit feeder pacifier that’s engineered and intelligently designed to be easier to clean, more durable, and less wasteful than your average fruit filled pacifier.

Rotary Propulsion Technology drives the food forward, making it easier for your baby to get every last bit, and all components can be individually washed.


1 x Small | 2 x Large


11"H x 6"W x 13"D (28cm x 15cm x 33cm)


Extrusion tips: Platinum-Cured LSR Silicone
Housing: Food Grade Polypropylene
Propulsion Cylinder: Food Grade Polypropylene
Cap: Food Grade Polypropylene

Free from

Bisphenols (BPA, BPS, BPF, BPAF), ortho-phthalates (DHCA, DHCP), PVC, lead, latex, other toxins

Twist to feed design

The Fruuti baby fruit feeder features an innovative design that allows you to twist the base as your baby eats, pushing the food forward for easy access to food that would otherwise go to waste.

Easy to clean and sterilize

Every component comes apart easily so you can clean inside every nook and cranny. Say goodbye to unsanitary, hard to clean mesh bags and scrubbing cracks to get rid of old food and bacteria.

Includes multiple tip sizes

Each device includes 3 silicone tips, so the Fruuti baby fruit pacifier is perfect for experimenting with new tastes and textures, and grows with your child so you can fill larger tips with frozen fruit when teething.

Simply revolutionary.

Twist the base to propel food through the silicone extrusion tip, letting your little one enjoy every last drop.

Twist to Eject

Rotary propulsion technology propels food though the silicone tip so you can waste less and clean less compared to other baby fruit pacifiers

Premium Silicone

Each device includes 3 silicone tips made from ultra thick platinum-cured LSR silicone so Fruuti can easily grow with your baby

Clean Loading

What good is sterilizing something if you need to touch it to fill it up? Fruuti stands on its own with the cap on so you can keep it sterile


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