Style Q&A: Vancouver-Based Startup Aims to Simplify the Lives of Parents

Style Q&A: Vancouver-Based Startup Aims to Simplify the Lives of Parents

Becoming a parent brings about many life changes.

For Garett Senez, the experience also prompted the creation of a business designed to streamline various aspects of parenthood. That business, is Quark.

The Vancouver-based company offers baby products that are designed to “simplify the lives of parents.” We caught up with Senez, a founding partner at the company, to learn more.

 Q. For those who aren’t familiar, what is Quark?

 A. Quark is a Vancouver-based startup that is dedicated to offering modern Canadian families baby products that are more thoughtful, safe, high-quality, and affordable. At the core, we are a family business — as young parents of babies and toddlers, we founded Quark so that we could help and simplify the lives of Canadian parents. Each of our products was designed with our children in mind, but also knowing all too well what the real daily needs and challenges of parenthood are. Ultimately, our goal is to develop baby essentials that make everyday tasks simpler.

Q. What makes it unique?

 A. All parents will agree, having a baby comes with a very long list of must-have products that we need at different stages. Some of these items are used daily by parents and babies alike, namely when it comes to feeding. As a new parent myself, I quickly realized how many products available in the baby category actually added a layer of complexity to small daily tasks, mainly because they were not the easiest to clean or the most optimal to use with my daughter. That’s the problem we’re trying to solve.

 Since we launched earlier this spring, Quark has resonated with many families across the country, and that it’s because we brought concrete solutions to existing challenges they’re facing with our range of intelligently designed, affordable and durable baby products. Ultimately, what motivates us is to significantly improve parents’ lives, so they can invest their time and energy in what matters most to them — their children.

Q. Who is the target customer?

 A. When we started working on Quark’s concept, we conducted usage and attitude surveys, which confirmed that 63 per cent of our core demographic (25-54 year olds.) is looking for ways to simplify their lives, and 48 per cent is willing to spend money to save time. That’s where our products come in. We believe that we can have a positive impact on families, offering them high-quality, thoughtfully designed baby products that make small tasks easier, and more pleasant, to accomplish.

 Q. Is there a ‘hero’ product in the line? If so, which one and what makes it so popular?

 A. Our hero product is Quook. It’s a five-in-one smart baby food processor that makes the preparation of home-cooked meals simpler on many levels. It was designed to combine cooking, blending, sterilization and cleaning; plus it warms milk within less than 10 minutes. This product also consolidates the meal prepping process as a whole, since it gives parents the ability to do more than just purees; they can also safely cook anything from vegetables and fruits, to proteins like poultry, fish and meat. Being an all-featured, compact food processor, Quook can also replace up to four countertop appliances, making it a game-changer for parents, especially those living in smaller spaces, and knowing how baby equipment can occupy lots of room.

Q. What is the price range of your products? 

A. Our product assortment ranges from $11.99 to $199.99. It contains some of the core essential parents need — from ensuring safety of their little ones to making home-cooked meals, storing food and feeding babies at home or on-the-go.

Q. Where can people check them out?

 A. Since launching in April, our products have been available for sale in over 400 retail stores across the country, including Walmart Canada, London Drugs, Loblaw Companies Limited, Indigo Books and Music, plus dozens of specialty retail outlets. Quark will also be available online at and on

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