make healthier baby
food at the touch
of a button

make healthier baby food at the touch of a button

Discover our intelligent baby food maker, designed to help you make healthy, nutrient rich homemade purées for your baby.

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twist to squish

Never waste a drop. Twist the easy-grip handle to propel food through the silicone tip.

grows with baby

Fruuti includes multiple tip sizes to make sure your baby can make the transition at their own pace.

easy to clean

Unlike other feeders, Fruuti is designed to come apart so you can clean all of the nooks and crannies.

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more control

Say goodbye to 'one touch fits all' with the freedom to prep and blend purées to your baby's preference.


Quook features an integrated bottle warmer and doubles as an effective steam sterilizer for small parts.

cleans itself

Quook features a convenient self cleaning mode, and all parts are dishwasher safe for tough messes.

why fruuti?


  • Twist to propel food
  • Extra thick silicone tips
  • Multiple tip sizes included
  • Comes apart for a better clean
  • Replacement tips included


  • Food gets stuck and is wasted
  • Thin silicone is a choking hazard
  • One size doesn't work for all babies
  • Food gets stuck in crevices and rots
  • Buy a whole new kit if tips are worn
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Q + A

When can I introduce solid foods?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend children be introduced to foods other than breast milk or infant formula when they are about 6 months old.

Why is Fruuti right for my baby?

Fruuti is designed to grow with your baby and includes multiple silicone tip sizes. We've also doubled the silicone thickness vs other baby fruit feeders to ensure your little one won't be able to damage the silicone and create a choking hazard. 

What makes Fruuti different from other feeders?

Fruuti is equipped with what we like to call Rotary Propulsion Technology. When you twist the handle, the driveshaft propels food upward so your baby can get every last bite (or squish?) and waste less food.

Other feeders have little nooks and crannies which food can get stuck in, making them difficult to clean. We designed Fruuti to be completely disassembled so you can get into all of those little areas and make sure your little one isn't exposed to harmful bacteria.

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      better baby food at your fingertips

      Replace 3 countertop baby appliances and spend less time cleaning up with the Quook Baby Food Maker.

      4.73/5 stars (126 reviews)