Quook Cleaning & Maintenance

Quark makes it easy to clean your Quook appliance, with both manual and auto clean modes. All items are dishwasher safe, and we’ve even included an extra blade gasket just in case you lose it, the dog eats it, or god forbid it breaks for whatever reason. Put the extra gasket in that kitchen drawer you use for
odds and ends and everything else – you never know when you may need it.

Some of this info is also found on the Quook user manual - keep in mind all user guides are available on the Quark Help Center for future use!

To clean the Blade Assembly:

Step 1: Power off the unit and remove the stirring cup.

Step 2: Remove the lid and carefully remove the blade from the stirring cup as shown. Review the ‘Product Components’ section of this manual if you need a visual aid of components. To remove the
blade, you will need to disengage the blade from the blade holder at the base of the stirring up. The blade holder is rotated to the right to disengage and remove, and once clean, rotated left to install.

Note: The blade is sharp, so please be careful.

IMPORTANT: The blade gasket is the silicone material that is placed between blade and the stirring cup
to seal it, before you connect it to the blade holder. The tapered side of the blade gasket should be positioned downward on re-assembly.

To use the ‘Auto Clean’ function:

Step 1: Rinse any remaining purée from the cup, and fill the stirring cup with water to the ‘MAX CLEAN’ fill line.

Step 2: Secure the spill-proof cover and lid onto the stirring cup and attach it to the unit. Power on the unit and press the ‘Auto Blend’ button.

Step 3: Drain the water and rinse the stirring cup, and run a ‘Sterilize’ cycle to disinfect the stirring cup.

Note: If you prefer to use a dishwasher to clean your Quook components, the stirring cup and blade
components are top rack dishwasher safe.


We’re sanitization cycle nerds as well. If you didn’t know - Quook can also be used to sterilize everyday
items, or the stirring cup itself. A great way to prep for future use is to empty your puree for storage,
add water the 'MAX CLEAN' line of the stirring cup, auto clean using the auto blend feature, dump out the
excess water, and then use the Sterilize function to prep ahead for next use.

Alternatively, if you have bottle nipples, keys, or other small baby items which you would like sterilized, the Quook will set you straight with a quick 15m sterilization cycle. Here’s how to use it:

Step 1: Ensure the water reservoir is filled to the ‘MAX’ fill line.

Step 2: Power on the unit and press the ’Sterilize’ button to start. You can initiate a sterilization cycle on the empty stirring cup to clean before or after use. The unit will beep 5 times upon completion of the
steaming cycle.

Note: The ‘Sterilize’ function is versatile and designed to empower your everyday life. You can place small items which are safe for steam sterilization (i.e. pacifiers, bottle nipples) into the stirring cup, and use the sterilize function to clean before or after use.

The Sterilization function on the Quook is a game changer. It’s almost like we’re parents too, and got annoyed of having a steam sterilizer on the counter, next to a food processor, a milk warmer and 3 other baby formula appliances which leave no room for a toaster or your beloved French Press coffee
maker which looks so damn good on the counter and crafts your nectar of the gods each morning.

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