Fruuti Tips & Tricks

Introduce Early, and Often

A lot of pediatricians today are recommending that you start to introduce common allergens to your baby as early as possible Strawberries are something that some babies can be allergic to, so by including them in small amounts into your dishes, you have a great way to expose them early on. A few strawberries in your Fruuti will go a long way and may give your little one that extra boost they need.

Pairs Perfectly with Quook

If you don’t own a Quook 5-in-1 Baby Food Processor and needed another reason, it has a built in sterilization cycle and works perfectly with Fruuti. This means that once you’re done experimenting with tastes and textures, you can sterilize your Fruuti for next use? We know what you’re wondering, and yes, we thought of it all. #BabyMustHaves

Multiple Tips for Long Term Use

Hannah used her Fruuti from 6 months to 11 months and we never got through the first silicone extrusion tip, but in case your baby has vampire chompers or just loves to chew on things, Fruuti comes equipped with two additional extrusion tips in multiple sizes (3 total) allowing it to grow (and last) as your baby ages.

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