Fruuti Cleaning & Maintenance

Fruuti is the only fruit feeder you’ll ever need, and with the entire feeder able to be broken down into it’s smaller components for easy cleaning, coupled with the fact that everything is dishwasher safe – you have everything you need for daily use! Here’s how to clean it:

Step 1: Remove the housing cap for cleaning

Step 2: Rotate the base to ensure the propulsion cylinder is in the closed position, which will allow you to open the latch with ease. Remove the silicone extrusion tip from the upper housing.

Step 3: Open the latch, remove the support ring by pulling slightly on it to detach from the rotary base. Once removed, twist the propulsion cylinder clockwise to remove.

Step 4: You should now have 5 separate pieces;

  • housing cap
  • silicone extrusion tip
  • support ring
  • propulsion cylinder
  • rotary base unit.

All of these are dishwasher safe, so have at it.

If you own a Quook Baby Food Processor, you can also place all of these in your stirring cup and run the Sterilization cycle for easy cleaning.

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