Feedi Tips & Tricks

Suction Bottoms Are The Real MVP

As you may know, the suction pads on the base of the Feedi Bowl and Feedi Plate are designed to stick to most surfaces and may come in handy to avoid needless spills and messes. Simply press down on the base of both silicone serving dishes to adhere it to the floor and prevent your little one from tossing it to the floor. Feed your kid, not the furniture as we say. There’s a little handy release tab on the base of each of them to allow air in and remove the suction – all is well until your toddler discovers the tab!

Gum Friendly Utensils

One of the better known things about Feedi is the gum friendly utensil set. Our children love to chew on things and get super anxious when they know food is coming. Try giving them the spoon to play with, and even put a little peanut butter on the end to expose them to common allergens early but also entertain them while you’re prepping their next meal!

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