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by parents, for parents.

The smallest object ever observed, a ‘quark’ is one of the fundamental particles in physics.

They join to form protons and neutrons, and just like our children, they are the building blocks of our universe.

An innovative baby tech and accessory brand, Quark is the brainchild of two Canadian dads who think things should be easier.

the story of quark.

Quark is designed for life in Canada. Even with supportive partners doing much of the heavy lifting, we noticed that things can get pretty hard at times, and the ideal vision of parenthood can often seem out of reach.

That’s why we decided to market a line of baby+parent products featuring both the innovative and the essential, and why our core ethos is to simply help make things easier through thoughtful design and ease-of-use driven tech implementation.

When shopping for new products, a common theme emerges in which the old ‘pick 2’ adage rings true throughout the shelf. That’s why innovation, safety, reliability and accessibility lead the charge in product development, and if we can’t achieve all four we move on to the next idea.

Our products are designed to be safer, more reliable, more cost-effective and ultimately easier to use than offerings from other brands, and as Canadian parents ourselves we know this formula is a winner.

questions & answers

Yes! The founders both welcomed new babies into the world in 2021 and one of us has successfully made it to toddlerhood. Fingers crossed!

Yup, born and raised! One of us is from Vancouver, the other from Victoria, BC.

Absolutely. The whole reason we started Quark was to make our lives easier and less stressful. We use it all!

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